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5 Online Mistakes Even Smart Publishing Pros Make – And How To Fix Them Quickly

You're a creative and you know you HAVE to market your incredible books, book-related services, and beautiful bookish products online.

You've had heard that third-party platforms have become increasingly insecure - if they go away or change their algorithm, as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and others did recently, you're pretty much screwed.

Social Media has already plateaued for the past years and will start to decline and won't be 100% reliable when it comes to your business.

So how to make sure you stand out in this crowded digital market place and avoid the most common mistakes and make money?

That's why I created this easy-to-digest FREE WORKBOOK I wish I had when starting my business.

You’ll absorb an incredible amount of information in a very short amount of time, guaranteeing you’ll never be caught making these 5 online mistakes again.

With love and gratitude, 

xoxo Claudia | The Wittmann Agency

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